We have collected hundreds of doilies and consider it a privilege to use these intricate, handcrafted patterns in our making process. These are the perfect gift for the high tea or vintage enthusiast.

Available in these colours:
The fern is a powerful New Zealand icon. This range reminds people of where they call home. It also helps visitors to our shores remember their adventure.

Available in these colours:
These pieces are made using leaves from our own garden. Some seasons are better than others for leaf gathering so we will work with what the season produces.

Available in these colours:
These pieces are inspired by the birds around our home and the feathers they leave behind. They look good hung alone but even better as a flock. Like all our pieces, these can be displayed outdoors too.

Available in these colours:
It is with great respect and pride that we use the unique and beautiful Maori design and language in our work. Like the fern, these pieces remind people of home or visitors to remember their adventures.

Available in these colours:
Magic Garden
Magic Garden is a lush, bold, free-spirited celebration of the natural world. It encourages you to view the whole world as a garden.

Available in these colours:
Midnight Moth
The nocturnal activity of the midnight moth is secretive and mesmerising. We capture her form as she dances in the glow of the moon.

Available in these colours:
We are always thinking, playing and developing our ideas. These products are some of our favourite results. To keep tabs on our new makings, find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Available in these colours:
Bringing texture, pattern and colour into your home with vibrant patterns of Aotearoa.

Our ceramics are all handmade and food-safe. Please handwash only. All of our furnishings come with care instructions.