Our mahi


Borrowed Earth creates unique quality ceramics that celebrate the beauty of handmade. 
Our work reflects our connection to papatuanuku (the land) and our whakapapa (ancestral lineages).

he waka eke noa
we are all in this together

The Earth is a borrowed place

Borrowed Earth is a small local business with a passion for handmade.

We believe that with thoughtful purchases we can all make positive changes to our world.

kia ū ki te whakapono kia aroha tē tahi ki tētahi
hold strong to your beliefs and love one another


We love talking to our customers so if you have a question for us that’s not detailed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Handmade work needs to be treated with love and care – please gentle handwash only.

All our domestic ware ie. mugs, bowls, plates vessels are food safe.

We are passionate vegans and will never exploit animals in anyway. Yes all our work is proudly vegan friendly.


You can ask us.  It depends on what you want.

All our pieces made to be hung on the wall have a wire hook on the back that has been fired into the clay for easy hanging.  Our celestial and moon phase hangings are hung from a circle with an empty middle, this easily fits any sized nail.

We would not recommend hanging our celestial or moon phase hangings outside but everything else can be.

Yes you can.  You will need to make an appointment.

At this stage sorry, no.

Yes we can ship anywhere in the world.

You can buy directly from us just get in touch through our contact page or send us an e-mail.  You can also check out our stockist page for a store near you.


We hope to inspire, uplift and connect through our work, passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another.

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We can ...

Find your piece of borrowed earth

We have stockists all over NZ or you can order directly from us.