Unique, handcrafted ceramic art made in AOTEAROA New Zealand


haere mai

At Borrowed Earth we are committed to bringing you work that has a story to tell, that celebrates the imperfect perfection of handmade.

At our heart is a passion for creating something lasting, something that you will love and use everyday and that over time will become a treasured family piece

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into the garden vases


Our into the garden range features two distinct designs. Magic Garden with its bold, bright colours and the Pacific Garden with a strong emphasis on black and white design. Both designs are a free spirited celebration of the natural world.

Borrowed Earth The Natural World Collection - Ceramic Art


"It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty, the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living"
- Sir David Attenborough

Borrowed Earth Mystic Collection - Ceramic Art


In our everyday lives symbols function as sign posts. They are glimpsed at and understood on a subconscious level and provide a pathway into our ancient past. We explore these universal concepts in this collection.


Handmade with love

Borrowed Earth Ceramic Art Handmade in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand

Borrowed Earth for Unique Ceramic Art

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